Since coming into force as part of the UK’s Construction Law in 1998, Adjudication is currently the most commonly used formal tool for resolving disputes concerning the construction industry in the UK.

In addition to the statutory regime, most UK domestic standard forms of construction contract also support Adjudication as a form of dispute resolution. The statutory Adjudication provisions apply to all UK Construction Contracts and do not require the consent of each party. Contractual Adjudication provisions may have different requirements. Neil Boothroyd accepts direct appointments to act as party representatives in adjudication and Neil accepts appointments to act as an Adjudicator or may be appointed by an Adjudicator Nominating Body (ANB).

Adjudication Frequently Asked Questions

Adjudication is a time limited contractual or statutory procedure for swift interim dispute resolution. It is provided by a third party adjudicator selected by the parties in dispute, or nominated by an ANB. Adjudication decisions are binding unless and until they are accepted by the parties or a final determination of the issues is obtained by arbitration or litigation.