An Expert Witness is someone who has a specialist knowledge of a particular subject and applies their knowledge and experience to issues in dispute in order to assist the court in making a decision.

An expert is someone whose experience and knowledge is beyond that of the ordinary lay person enabling him/her to give testimony regarding a related issue. Neil provides objective professional services in relation to Expert Witness and Witness of Fact reports by acting as either Advisor, Shadow Expert, Single Joint Expert, Part 35 Expert, or Assessor. His knowledge and experience of real project issues and how they can manifest and be appropriately treated during the life of a project, enables Neil to establish an impartial opinion of the issues at hand.

Neil has Masters level (accredited BTEC level 7) qualification as Legal Experience Training Advanced Professional Award in Expert Witness Evidence (LETAPAEWE).

Expert Witness Frequently Asked Questions

Simply put, they assist the court to understand complex information and idiosyncrasies of the subject in hand.